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Our Dams 

Meet the Gorgeous Girls

At L&C Frenchie Boutique, we feel the girls are just as important as the boys! Let's be honest, a puppy gets half their DNA from each parent.  Whether you're looking for your next French Bulldog or maybe it's your first, the ability to see both parents is extremely important.  Let us introduce you to our Queen and her court!

Lucy -Retired 


Gorgeous Red Fawn with Black Mask.  Lucy is the personification of what the French Bulldog should look like.  She is compact and thick, weighing in at 25#.  She has a small tail, tight feet, short nose, and perfectly set ears.  She also has the absolute best personality and disposition.  She is the Queen of our Court, and she knows it!




If you like a lean, muscle-bound female, you need look no further.  This girl is absolutely amazing!  She is perfect in structure.  She weighs in at 19#.  She has been health tested and is clear.   She is a gorgeous girl who will help to elevate our program.

The girls_edited.jpg




Stormy is the complete package with great structure. She is heavily boned and solid. she's got a large blocky head, tight feet, and little tail. To add to her perfection, she has the most loving, laid-back personality. She has been health tested and is clear.  She weighs 25#.




This girl's eyes are simply amazing! Macy is a gorgeous lilac fawn carrying a copy of cream and is known as the brat of the pack! She is full of energy and can jump like a jack rabbit.  Macy is as equally sweet as she is beautiful. She has been health tested and is clear. She weighs 19#.


Chloe is a dainty lilac platinum.  She is the daughter of our Macy.  She is the perfect little package. Health tested clear through parentage; she weighs 17 pounds. 

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