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     What is a Guardian Home and what does it mean to me and to you?

Our Guardian Home Program allows us to place dogs being used in our breeding program in a forever home at a very young age. This serves several purposes.  While we love our dogs, we can only house so many.  We also want all of our dogs to receive all of the love and attention that they deserve!  The best way to achieve this is to allow a select few of our puppies to enter guardian homes.  This means you get to enjoy raising and loving a puppy as your own while also being a part of our breeding program.  The puppy being placed in a Guardian home is chosen by us.  The puppy will be registered and owned by L&C Frenchie Boutique but will be raised in your home.  Once retired, the registration and ownership will be transferred to the Guardian Home.


We do charge a small fee for our dogs placed in guardian homes, generally $500.00.  This is a huge savings to the families that participate in our program.  Let’s be honest, French Bulldogs are expensive and those chosen as part of a breeding program are even more so.  


There are a few requirements of those interested in participating in our guardian program. 


  • You must be within one hour of our home. We understand that people move. If you do decide to move, you must contact us so that our contact information remains up to date. If you are moving a distance away, we will discuss this with you.  Our goal first and foremost is for our Guardian dogs to have the best of homes. However, it will not be feasible to have a dog in our breeding program and that dog be hours away. 


  • Guardian family must agree to use our veterinarian, Princeton Veterinary Hospital, located in Princeton Indiana and Southgate Veterinary office in Vincennes Indiana.  This helps us to take better care of dog and allows us to stay in contact with our veterinarian regarding dog and his/her needs.


  • Guardian family must stay in contact with breeder on a regular basis. We expect to be involved with the dog periodically so that he/she is familiar and comfortable with us. We want to dog sit when needed and as our schedule allows.


  • We ask that there be no other intact male dogs in the home.


  • If you do not have a fenced in yard, we ask that dog be taken out on leash and never allowed to run free. The French Bulldog is currently the #1 stolen dog in the US.  We ask that the dog is never left outdoors or in a vehicle unattended.

The Guardian home contract is not transferrable.  If for whatever reason you do not feel like you can continue to raise and love the dog, the dog must be returned to us.  This means that the dog cannot go live with another family member or friend. 


Veterinary Care


All Veterinary Care will be provided by Princeton Veterinary Hospital and or Southgate Veterinary office.  It is the responsibility of the Guardian Home to transport to and from routine Veterinary appointments. L&C Frenchie Boutique will provide transportation to and from vet for any reproductive care.


The Guardian Home agrees to provide for all routine veterinary care at their expense. This includes but is not limited to routine vaccinations.  Annual checkups etc. They further agree to keep on flea/tick/heartworm medication routinely. 


L&C Frenchie Boutique will be responsible for all cost related to reproduction.


Neglect or Abuse


If at any time, it is felt that a dog placed in a guardian home is not being cared for as it should be, and the breeder feels the dog is being neglected or abused, we will address this immediately with the guardian family and have the right and will exercise the right to take the dog from the Guardian Home.


Our Females


The Guardian Home will notify L&C Frenchie Boutique at the very first sign of heat.  The dog will need to return to us during this time to allow for progesterone testing and insemination.  This is usually for a 1–2-week period.  Following insemination, the dog will return home to their guardian family. If pregnancy is confirmed, the dog will return to us about 1 week prior to deliver and will remain with us following delivery for a period of 5-6 weeks.  Most of our females will have 3 litters as long as they are healthy and have had no previous complications which could endanger the female. We may occasionally have a 4th litter if we have a female that has had very small litters and is in excellent health. Most of our breeding’s are back-to-back. This has been shown to be healthier for the female. There are instances that the female does not take, and pregnancy does not occur. We simply try again with next heat cycle.  Most of our females are retired around 4 years old.


Our Males


Our Studs are an important part of our breeding program. Not only do we use our own studs, but we also market our Studs to other breeders.  Most of the time we will have received notification of a female being in heat and will have a window of opportunity.  Occasionally a client may call with an urgent need for stud services.  We do collect our own males.  Timing with breeding is very important. We will stay in close contact with the guardian home regarding the female's progress.  When ready, the male will need to either be collected in your home by us, or he can be picked up and brought to our home for collection and returned. At no time can the guardian home use male to breed with another female.


Prior to serving as a guardian home, we do ask that you be very familiar with the care and needs of a French Bulldog. 

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